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Quick update - flixel-gdx

Quick update

Hello folks, long time no posts. I’m back, kinda. First of all, I got my own home; it’s about 3 km from my job. I got most things done at my new home. I got internet and my PC is running again. Time to develop on flixel-gdx again.

I’ll take a look at the current issues and then at the changes at FlixelCommunity v3.0. @as3gamegears managed to implement GPU into the AS3 version of flixel. We don’t need that part, but there a lot of other changes the team made. Like the folder structures and moving methods from FlxU and FlxG into separated classes. They also improved the debug console.

I’ve updated a nightly version of libgdx 31-10-2014 on the server and there are no errors it seems. I’m planning to use Waffle, so you can see what I’m currently working on. Soon I’ll update the issue tracker with features that I’ll implement.

Anyway, there is a new game on the Android Play store and App store built with flixel-gdx. The game is called “Spider Water Up”. The spider needs to climb up before it gets drowned. The control is very easy, just swipe the direction to let it jump. It uses Google Play Game Services for the leaderboards and trophies.

Spider Water Up
Android Play Store
App Store

New updates, hopefully very soon.

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