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flixel-gdx and iOS - flixel-gdx

flixel-gdx and iOS

After HTML5 support, I borrowed a Mac Mini from late 2009. It’s not a fast Mac Mini (2.26 GHz and 2 GB DDR3), but the most important part; it meets the requirements to develop iOS app.


Libgdx framework uses RoboVM backend for iOS development. RoboVM translates Java bytecode into native ARM or x86 code. The runtime code is licensed under Apache License v2.0 and the compile time tools under GPLv2. You can do pretty much in the commercial projects. The current version is 0.0.9 and it still in the early stage. However there are already games compiled with RoboVM at the App Store.

If you think RoboVM is cool and planning to use it in your project, consider sponsoring.

I created flixel-robovm and flixel-examples-robovm projects. The first project only contains the libraries which your project will link to it. The other project is just a starter for the demos in iOS. I’ve only ran some demos in the iOS Simulator, because I do not own a real iOS device. However they did run pretty nice. I tested Mode, Animation, TiledMap2 and FlxCollisions.

Mode iOS


If you want to try flixel-robovm, you need to meet the requirements:

  • A Mac with at least Mountain Lion.
  • A developer certificate from Apple if you want to test on a device. This cost you $99 / year. Blame Apple.
  • You need to install Xcode 5.0.1 or higher.
  • RoboVM for Eclipse plugin. Get started with RoboVM.
  • Checkout the latest commit of flixel-gdx and flixel-gdx-examples.
  • Import flixel-robovm and flixel-examples-robovm.
  • You’ll get some errors, because the libraries are missing. Do an ant –f fetch.xml in the Terminal. It’s located at flixel-gdx/fetch.xml.


To run on the simulator, right click the flixel-examples-robovm project and select Run As -> iOS Simulator App. The compiling takes a while for the first time. The next time you compile, it will only look at the changes and this will speed up the compile time. To run on the device, select Run As -> iOS Device App.

To change the demo, create or copy an existing class from the flixel-examples-robovm and change the code to target the demo you want to run. You also need to edit robovm.properties file which can be found in flixel-gdx-examples, but that is easily done.

We need your help

As previously described, I only tested on the iOS Simulator. If you own an iOS device and an Apple Developer account, please help us testing the demos on a real device.


Fernando, a developer from FlixelCommunity, tested on his iPad (4th generation). It runs very smooth. He made a video for us:

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