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Changes and Ludum Dare 28 results! - flixel-gdx

Changes and Ludum Dare 28 results!

It’s been a while since the last post. We made some changes in flixel-gdx. It could affect your project. We ported the patches and fixes from FlixelCommunity. Flixel-gdx is now based on FC 2.56. If you like to discuss about features and code design, then head over to the github issue tracker. We can use all the help. If you help FlixelCommunity, you’ll also help us.

Box2D wrapper got removed from the core. No one would use both the main collision (QuadTree) of flixel and Box2D together in a game. Box2D wrapper got moved to its own repository along with the tests. It also got its own icon.

box2d logo

That having said, now the results of Ludum Dare 28! The theme of this LD is “You Only Get One”. We got two games that are made with flixel-gdx. One of them is created by Syl. The game is called “soulmate”. It’s a platform game where you need to save your soulmate. Jump over spikes and run to the end to finish the game.


The second game is “Lost In Transmission” and It is created by Michael Cook. You control a robot which needs to repair Arrays. You got limited move direction which can be recovered when you run into a Node. The game gets harder as you advance, like repairing multiple Arrays. This game ended place 19th.


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