Getting started

Getting started with flixel-gdx


flixel-gdx comes with full Javadocs. You can read them online or check the zip file in the release or nightly build you downloaded. If you created your projects with Setup UI, the source Jar files will automatically added to your projects and they can be accessed directly inside your IDE.


The wiki is in the process of building. The wiki is open for everyone, you can contribute directly on Github.

Demos & Test examples

flixel-gdx comes with a set of demo games and test examples. The demos are a good way to get familiar with the engine. Try the following demos:

flixel friends

flixel in different platforms and languages:
  • Flixel, the original flixel written in AS3.
  • Flixel Community, based on the original and is maintained by the community of flixel.
  • HaxeFlixel, written with the Haxe language.
  • Flixel for Monkey, written in the Monkey language.
  • Phaser, written in the Typescript language, but JavaScript can also be used. Targets the HTML5 platform.
  • BlueGin, written in the C++ language.
  • FlxSharp, written in the C# language and uses MonoGame as framework.