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Amulet in Ten - flixel-gdx

Amulet in Ten

Ludum Dare #27 was held in August 23rd-26th. One of the participant Michael Cook used flixel-gdx to create his game. He placed 26th which is pretty impressive if you know how many entries there are, 2213! Okay enough, let’s get into his game.

The game called “Amulet in Ten”. It’s a puzzle game which you have to place your character carefully to achieve your goal, but you have only ten moves. You start with a Knight which can fight big enemies and can endure some hits. When you progress you can play as Thief which is weaker than Knight, but it has the ability Dash that will make him able to take two steps with one move and escape fights. In the later game you can switch Classes by simply pressing the Tab key.

According to his entry description he spent 14 hours on the game development. The source code of the game is available at Github. As you can see flixel-gdx helps you rapidly creating games. I’m looking forward for the next Ludum Dare, maybe someday I’ll enter as well.

Here are some screenshots of Amulet in Ten.


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  • Michael Cook

    Thanks so much for the cool writeup! I can’t drag myself away from flixel-gdx. It’s got the framework and formality of Java, but the great structure of Flixel. It really is the most comfortable way to make 2D games I’ve found. Thanks for continuing to give it great support!

  • WingEraser

    You are welcome ^^